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Do you feel that the appearance of your favourite rug is slipping away from under your feet? Or have you managed to spill drinks on it despite your best efforts to keep it pristinely clean? Well, at Re-Fresh we can give it that new-like feel and look. Have you ever imagined putting your rug into the washing machine… and having that fresh smell and look?

Deep pile shaggy rugs are beautiful underfoot and are sure to give any home that luxurious look. However, this type of rug can harbour a lot of bacteria if not looked at properly. Giving it a good vacuuming and a good shake down outdoors can help but it may not be enough to remove all the bacteria and germs. If you live on your own, cleaning your rug may not be convenient as they can be heavy and cumbersome to clean. To keep your rug in tip-top condition, we would recommend having it cleaned a few times a year, depending on how much ‘traffic’ it gets through its place in your home.

Re-Fresh can clean your rug during our on-site visit (depending on the extent of soiling, size and convenience), or you can take advantage of our drop-in and collect service. Just make an appointment to drop your rug off and we will call you back once dried and re-vacuumed ready for collection. Our rug cleaning technicians will clean most rugs: wool; man-made; wool blend; wool and polypropylene mix; and shaggy rugs too. If we don’t think your rug is suitable for cleaning, then we simply won’t clean it but will try to advise other suitable methods which can be used to restore it to better days.

So, give us a call today to Re-Fresh the rugs in your home.