How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

People walk on carpets each and every day. Carpets end up accumulating dirt. This dirt can create a conducive environment for dust mites and mold to breed on carpets. This dirt may include the feces of pets, food stains, and drink spills. Regular cleaning of carpets is encouraged to ensure that dirt is removed. This promotes cleanliness within a house.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning should be done at least once a week. This ensures that a vacuum cleaner is able to suck all debris and dirt that is within a carpet. If this is not done regularly, this dirt may end up damaging a carpet in the long run.

For high traffic areas, vacuum cleaning can be done twice a week. Cleaning under furniture should also be done regularly. A vacuum cleaner should have strong suction in order to absorb a lot of dirt from a carpet.

Baking Soda and Odours

Baking soda is perfect for the absorption of odor. It should be sprinkled onto a carpet before one starts to clean. Sprinkle baking soda 30 minutes prior to vacuuming. It acts by soaking up the odor. Air fresheners act by covering up foul smell but do not deal with the actual unpleasant smell.

Do not wait for stains to dry up on a carpet. As soon as you notice a stain, it should be cleaned immediately. It is easier to clean stains before they dry and are absorbed into a carpet. Cleaning agents should be used to remove stains from foods and drinks.

If cleaning agents are not available within a household, one can opt to use hydrogen peroxide to clean stains. A careful approach should be used to ensure that this solution does not bleach a carpet. It can be applied to a small part of a carpet to find out whether it would do so. Alcohol can also be used to achieve the same effect as hydrogen peroxide.

Baking soda mixed with vinegar can also be used to remove these stains. Be careful not to spread stains while you are trying to clean them up. A white towel is preferable in the cleaning of stains.

Dealing with Pets

If there is a pet within the house, it is important to train it not to stain a carpet. Untrained pets may urinate or defecate on a carpet. This ends up staining a carpet. It also leaves an unpleasant smell on a carpet.

Pets can also leave their furs all over a carpet. This is common with cats. Application of repellents onto carpets can be a preventive measure ensuring that they do not roam on the carpet.

Remove your Shoes!

It is important to urge residents and visitors to always remove their shoes before stepping on a carpet. Shoes carry a lot of dirt. This dirt is transferred onto the carpet. The fewer shoes that step on a carpet, the cleaner it will be.

Steaming of a carpet can greatly help in the removal of dirt. Water can efficiently help in the removal of debris within a carpet. Steaming does away with detergents that might not have been completely cleaned earlier.

Wet carpets should be exposed to sunshine or proper ventilation for them to dry. Fans can also be used to dry up wet carpets. Damp carpets can create conducive environments for mold growth.

Foods and drinks are the most common origins of stains. These should at most times be handled carefully while on carpets. If possible, they should be consumed far away from carpets.

Get Professional Help

Contacting professional cleaners at least once a year can help in properly cleaning a carpet. A carpet can be washed and dried thereby removing all the dust and debris that was in it. Professional cleaners can help to ensure that hidden dirt that could not be removed at home is cleaned and washed off. This ends up leaving a carpet as good as new. It is necessary to contact them if one wants his or her carpet to be in the right shape and last longer.

It is very important to keep carpets clean. Clean carpets promote air quality within a house. Clean carpets promote healthier living since dust mites and mold are not present. It is therefore advisable to ensure that carpets are clean on a regular basis. They should be cleaned at least once a week.

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