Why use a professional to clean your carpets?

Carpets are an expensive outlay. When it comes to cleaning carpet, the idea is to give your flooring a new lease of life without replacing them. Our professional team of cleaners at Re-Fresh have had extensive training and use advanced techniques, machinery and materials to give you peace of mind and cleaner, fresher carpets.

Can I clean my own carpet?

Of course you can, but be careful as some machines / products can leave residue on your carpet that actually attracts dirt and dust after it has been cleaned. This means that you could end up cleaning your carpet more than you did before and it will look grubbier more often. Carpet cleaning should be done by a professional who not only knows about different types of carpet, but who also knows that not all carpets require the same method of cleaning and it certainly isn’t a case of “one shoe fits all.”

How often should I clean my carpets?

As often as you would like. However, we would recommend, as a general rule, a minimum of once to twice a year depending on the ‘traffic’ that comes through your home. If you use your home to entertain regularly, if you work from home, or if you have children and pets then it will have an impact on your carpet. Not only can this make your carpets appear grubby but it can also be a haven for unwanted dirt and germs. If you think that your carpet might need cleaned, but just aren’t sure, then give Re-Fresh a call for friendly advice.

Do I need to take all the furniture out to get my carpets cleaned?

Yes, all rooms need to be cleared (or as much furniture as possible) If you are having the full clean service. We can offer a part carpet clean where you leave your large pieces of furniture in place. However if you require the full carpet cleaned and you are unable to move all your furniture out we do offer a remove and clean service, ask a member of our team for more information.