Are you looking for carpet cleaning in Peterlee? At Re-Fresh we combine leading industry knowledge with high-skilled professionalism to revive carpets which may seem, to many, to be past their best. We are up-to-date with the latest cleaning techniques and materials and this allows us to restore some of that freshness to your carpets that conventional household cleaning, or the hiring of DIY machines, will never achieve.

Do you have a carpet which isn’t that old but just doesn’t look the way that it used to? The natural accumulation of everyday dust and those small, but unavoidable marks, will combine over time to give your carpet a jaded look and can eventually lead to fabric damage. At Re-Fresh we can revive your carpet and, by giving it a new lease of life, you might not have to buy a new one just yet.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned can not only prolong the life-cycle of your carpet but it also contributes to a healthier home. Carpets and rugs can harbour dust, dirt and germs so regular and intensive cleaning is advisable if you want to maintain hygienic healthy living spaces. If you have a lot of traffic in your home – such as pets and/or children- we would recommend a twice yearly clean to get rid of unwanted dust and germs.

At Re-Fresh we are also experts in removing stubborn stains and odours. If you’ve spilled anything such as, coffee or red wine on your carpets or rugs, then don’t despair – we have a knack and the know how to make most stains disappear. We are also proficient in eliminating smoking or pet related odours and experts in leaving your home smelling and feeling fresh.

We also have experience in dealing with insurance claims if your carpet or soft furnishings have been soiled. Re-Fresh can provide free quotations that you can send to their insurance companies.

Together, we can Re-Fresh your home.