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Do you have stubborn stains on your carpet that just won’t go away? Maybe you’ve spilled coffee or wine on one of your favourite rugs? Alternatively, could the flooring in your home just do with a bit of a Re-Fresh; a new lease of life? We offer carpet cleaning services.

Re-Fresh specialise in carpet and upholstery cleaning; rejuvenating homes, offices and commercial properties around the North East of England. We only use experienced service masters who are fully insured.

Re-Fresh is a sister-company to a well-established and reputed flooring company. Re-Fresh can therefore rely on over 30 year’s industry experience and can confidently say that, ‘what we don’t know about carpets, probably isn’t worth knowing!’ We understand how and why every carpet must be cleaned and if it can’t be cleaned, we will tell you. At Re-Fresh, we won’t risk damaging your carpet.

Our team of professionals have a high knowledge of industry techniques and materials which means we can provide the best clean in town!

Did you know that a carpet in your home can be a thriving environment for bacteria, fleas, dust mites and mould. In fact, they could contain more bacteria per square inch than your toilet seat!!! From your pet’s dirty paws and their little accidents on your carpets, to your children’s muddy wellies, it takes no time at all for germs and bacteria to be walked into and around your home. This can be particularly bad for young children that crawl and play on the floor and for those suffering from allergies.

So, go ahead… Contact us today and allow us to Re-Fresh your home.

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Residential Carpet Cleaners

We specialise in working with carpets inside the home to make sure your house is clean, healthy and happy. It does not matter if you are moving in, need end of tenancy cleaning or are just looking for a once of  clean; as it has been some time since the last one.

Our comprehensive process is perfect for removing dust, spots, stubborn stains, bacteria, pet odours and even allergens. We use very powerful but safe hot water extraction techniques. Also known as the deep steam method. This is the best way to eliminate all dirt, stains and allergens.

We are happy to help in any situation.

Rug Cleaning

We love cleaning rugs!

We have seen it all and cleaned them all. All kinds of shapes and sizes. All states of wear and condition. We can nurse your rug back to life and give it that spark that it once had.

We love seeing a rug that was once dirty and grimey looking fully restored to it’s former glory. We pretty much look at reviving rugs as somewhat of a ‘rug detox’.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you run a business? Are you dealing with some nasty stains or perhaps looking for a company that you can contract with visit your premises on a regular basis.

We can help! Commercial requirements are much stricter than residential. To match these requirements we have  a team of professionals on hand that can deal with any commercial situation.

We understand the nuances of running an office or any commercial workspace. We offer our services with minimal down time and extreme flexibility. That includes early morning, late evening and even weekends. When your workspace is free and clean of staff and customers.

About Us: Refresh Carpet Cleaning Company

Refresh Carpet Cleaning has been helping the residents and businesses of Houghton-le-Spring​ keep their floors fresh and clean since the 1980’s. So we can confidently and proudly say that we ‘know a thing or two’ when it comes to cleaning anything that is fabric based.

Over the past three decades we have become the ‘go-to’ company in the North East. Our company has cleaned thousands of homes and businesses over the years.

We know how to deal with removing any stain. And also, how to revive any carpet no matter dirty or grimey it has come to be. This is why we are trusted in the local community as industry experts.

Why not call today? Ring us on 0191 5273474 or 07710 638 777. Our friendly team is standing by to answer any question you might have and get your booked in.

Why Use Our Services

    • 30+ Years of Experience
    • 100’s of Satisfied Customers
    • Pet & Child Safe Products
    • Friendly & Professional Technicians
    • We’re Fully Insured
    • We Guaranteed Our Services
    • Local County Durham based company
    • Only Use Industrial-Standard Equipment